Casdilly Marketing Network in 2018

Service Phylosophy:
Comprehensive and Integrated Service
To serve our customers with refined products,
standard process, professfional management,
considerate arrangement and personal custimization!
Service Promise:
Keep high-level service quality,
Keep professional service attitude
Passionate, Professional, Efficient
Service Strategy:
Custimized Service with Precision
Urumqi office
Lhasa office
Lanzhou office
Xining office
Chengdu office
Kunming office
Huhhet office
Haikou office
Guangzhou office
Nanning office
Guiyang office
Chongqing office
Changsha office
Nanchang office
Fuzhou office
Hangzhou office
Hefei office
Group Headquater
Xi'an office
Yinchuan office
Taiyuan office
Wuhan office
Jinan office
Shijiazhuang office
Beijing office
Tianjin office
Zhengzhou office
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